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Cheap auto insurance – the buying guide

When you're looking forward to buy car insurance you certainly want to get an affordable policy that would still cover all your insurance needs. However, most drivers tend to make wrong decisions when shopping for auto insurance policies thus reducing their chances of getting cheap auto insurance and saving money on coverage. In order to avoid these common mistakes make sure to follow these simple car insurance shopping tips that will help you get the best policy right from the start:

Don't buy the first policy offered

A lot of people make the biggest mistake when shopping for auto insurance by applying for the first offer they run across. This is especially common when financing the purchase through a loan or buying the car at a dealer. They will always offer you their “certified” provider that will typically give you higher quotes than any other third party provider. So when you are looking for car insurance don't stop at the first policy and keep on getting quotes from as many providers as you can.

Define your exact needs

This should be your first task when looking for car insurance. Define what types of coverage should be included and the amounts of each type before getting your first quote. A common mistake when shopping around for insurance is that people change the amounts and type of coverage when getting a quote simply for getting a lower rate. This is an erroneous approach since it doesn't reflect your personal insurance needs. So make sure to analyze your exact requirements towards the contents of the policy before spending your time on comparison shopping.

Shop around

Shopping around is a must if you want to get cheap auto insurance with your first policy. And it's really easy to do these days because you have the Internet. There are plenty of quote comparison sites that let you get quotes from different providers and compare the rates, policy contents and special provisions. The more quotes you get the higher is your chance to find a policy that will meet your exact requirements. Just make sure to compare the quotes according to your exact needs, fill out the form identically with each provider in order to locate the most competitive offer out there.

Get discounts if apply

Most insurance providers offer good discounts to different groups of drivers. This is done to encourage those who pose lower risk to the provider. Some of the most common discounts include good driver, low yearly mileage, multiple car, multiple policy, senior citizen, good student and many others. So if it's possible for you to apply for any of those – don't hesitate and do it!

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