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Cheap auto insurance and teen drivers

Having a teen driver in your family can cause a lot of trouble. Starting from the purchase of a separate car for your teen to the problems of insurance, which are sometimes the worst thing a car owner can imagine. Teen drivers are always charged with very high rates because they tend to end up in a lot of accidents while they are earning driving experience. And you can end up paying double the premium you are charged with usually because your teenage driver is still young. How can you proceed in this situation and are there any chances to get cheap auto insurance back for your family budget?

One of the most common options for parents to lower their insurance costs with a teen driver in the family is including him or her to their own policy. While this will certainly raise your own premiums it will still be cheaper than buying a separate insurance policy for the young driver. If you compare separate premiums to the resulting premium after including the teen to your policy it will be evident that going together is more advantageous. Moreover, insurance some companies may also offer you a small discount for having multiple drivers and multiple vehicles under the same policy since they prefer dealing with groups of customers rather than individual drivers.

Another popular option is looking into various discounts that can help get cheap auto insurance for your teen. One of the best discounts of this kind is the good student discount. If your teen has an average of B and higher at school or college than he can opt for such a discount and it's usually quite substantial. The insurance company will usually require the teen to provide a copy of grade report every trimester yet it's certainly worth the cut in costs. Another discount some students may opt for applies if they are studying in more than 100 miles away from home. This usually applies to college students, so make sure to consider this discount if that's you case.

And you can always consider buying a less expensive car if cheap auto insurance is very important for you. There's no need buying your teen a very good car right from the start even if you can actually afford it. Keep in mind that most teens really have accidents and tend to damage the car a lot while they are earning their driving experience. So it's more logic to buy a used car that will serve the purpose of gaining driving experience during the initial period instead of a new expensive car. And this will also help you with cheap auto insurance.

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