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Cheap auto insurance and car types

Car insurance rates are affected by many different aspects. Some factors include the driver's social status such as education, place of residence, marital status and credit rating. Others are linked to the performance characteristics of the car, including engine volume, top speed, safety features and others. But what many drivers tend to forget is that the car you drive is actually the most important factor affecting your insurance costs, and depending on which car type you drive it can turn out either affordable or very expensive. So let's take a look at different car types from the insurance perspective and see which of them offers real cheap auto insurance.

Small and town cars

Smaller vehicles usually cost less and are very convenient as a means of transportation in the city. Most of the models offered by different manufacturers have all the necessary safety features, are cheap to repair and don't get stolen too often. However, if such car ends up in a serious accident it will sustain more damage because of lower mass and the costs of coverage will be larger. So there may be higher rates with such vehicles although they are usually quite cheap to insure.

Mid size sedans

Mid sized vehicles represent the golden middle in terms of auto insurance. Of course, it usually depends on the particular model, yet most of these cars are safe, convenient, easy and cheap to repair, with low theft rates. So you will most probably get cheap auto insurance namely with this car type, although shopping around is still recommended.

Family vehicles and minivans

Vehicles with larger capacity are also very attractive in terms of insurance like sedans. The only thing is that some models can be more expensive to repair and can cause more damage to other vehicles in course of an accident, which raises the liability to be paid out by the insurance company.


Large SUVs are usually more expensive to repair, tend to get stolen more often and cause a lot of damage to other vehicles and property during an accident. So they are typically more expensive to insure.

Luxury cars

You can guess that luxury cars won't give you an opportunity of cheap auto insurance simply by looking at the price tags of such vehicles. They are always very expensive to repair, sometimes requiring unique parts, and tend to get in the scope of car thieves too often. However, if you can afford such a car you can certainly afford an expensive insurance policy as well.

Performance and sports vehicles

Although some sports and performance cars can cost less than middle class sedans and SUVs they are usually more expensive to insure than all other car types. Such cars are usually involved in serious accidents more often because of their performance characteristics and overall risk-taking behavior they promote in their owners.

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